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KRPR 89.9 is an independent not-for-profit public radio station.  One station, locally owned and operated in Rochester, for Rochester and the surrounding area.  We're not part of a large corporation.  We're your neighbors, your friends down the street and your support is the electricity that continues to amplify the creative energy broadcast on 89.9!

We know you appreciate the variety and depth of our music.  Classic rock transcends history as the soundtrack of our culture; it universally represents peace and revolution, love and war, joy and despair.  We are classic rock. 

If you would rather not pledge online you can pledge by phone, email, and good old regular mail. For your protection please do not send us cash or your credit card information. We will contact you for payment details. Yes, we take credit cards.

  • By phone at (507)288-6900 | Just say "I'd like to make a pledge"
  • By email | Subject = "I'd like to make a pledge" | Send your contact information to
  • By regular mail | Attn: I'd Like to make a pledge | Complete this PDF Pledge Form and mail it in with your check.

Mail to:  
KRPR 89.9
PO BOX 7295
Rochester, MN 55903



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Help local radio thrive in Rochester, Minnesota.