What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is to public radio what commercial advertisements are to commercial radio. Underwriting Announcements may include:

  • Underwriters name
  • Company slogan
  • Location of business
  • Business phone number
  • Years in business
  • Value-neutral descriptions of products
  • Trade names, product or service listings which help identify the business

Announcements May Not Include

  • Comparative descriptions or language
  • Qualitative descriptions or language
  • Pricing information
  • Calls to action
  • Inducements to by, sell, rent or lease

Non-Profit Announcements

Non Profit Announcements (NPA) are messages underwritten by 501c(3) nonprofit corporations, government agencies, schools or universities. Most NPAs are 30 or 60 seconds in length.

Examples of Underwriting Announcements

  1. Support for KRPR is provided by Joe;s Cafe' Now featuring panini, a grilled Italian sandwich on a freshly baked foccacia bun. Varieties include fresh mozzarella with spinach, Italian turkey with cheese and prosciutto with portabella mushrooms. Joe's Cafe' on south Broadway in Rochester.
  2. KRPR programming support is provided by San's travel offering fly-in fishing vacations to the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Trips starting in May continuing through September. 951-0226 or on the web at www.sandstravel.net

Break Through the Clutter

Clutter is caused by airing long strings of back-to-back commercial advertisements or promotional messages which can cause "listener tune-out".

On public radio, you can send a message which will be heard and remembered because there is no clutter within which it can get lost.

Customize Your Message

Tailor your announcements to meet your changing needs.

Choose the time or pgoram where your message will be broadcast.

Rotate different messages on an ongoing basis.

Reach Your Target Market

  • 45 percent of public radio listeners work in the professional or managerial fields.
  • 56 percent of public radio listeners have house hold incomes above $60,000.
  • 56 percent of public radio listeners have a bachelor's degree or higher.
  • 60 percent of public radio listeners are between the ages of 35-54.

Create a Positive Image
Crease a strong statement about positive values by associating your business with quality, non-offensive radio programming.

Overall, public radio listeners are more likely to buy products and services from businesses that support public radio than businesses that advertise on commercial radio.



KRPR Coverage Map

Call Letters: KRPR, Rochester, Minnesota
Frequency: 89.9 mHz FM
Power: 3,200 watts
Antenna: 591 ft. above average terrain
Transmitter: 6.2 miles east of downtown Rochester
Coverage: 1 mv/m contour (blue) primary coverage 20 miles
50 uv/m contour (black) secondary coverage 54 miles
Studio: 2630 S. Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: (507) 288-6900
Email: krpr89.9@gmail.com