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Sponsoring programming on KRPR makes good sense; it furthers the legacy of local programming not available elsewhere in Rochester AND is an excellent marketing platform for your business.

Be Heard

We take our music seriously and our message effectiveness even “seriously-er”.

By limiting the number of sponsor messages each hour on KRPR, we ensure your message will stand out.  Our sponsors don’t fear having their message “lost in the crowd”; they know every second of their sponsorship will be heard.


KRPR sponsorship is likely to be the most affordable decision you can make for your business.  KRPR operates very conservatively, choosing to invest in what our listeners hear rather than “games or contests” and “brick and mortor”.  We may not be the flashiest station in town, but our listeners know we are the best sounding; and isn’t that what really matters?

Halo Effect

Public radio listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports their station- your company can benefit from this “halo effect” that business sponsorship provides for our sponsors; our listeners trust us and those who support their station.


Our sponsors reach an audience that are more than 75 percent more likely to buy products and services from companies that support local public radio.

“We support KRPR because it’s a great station, we like public radio and it’s so easy to work with you. You guys really care about your sponsors.” -Ye Olde Butchershoppe