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About the R-Town Radio Series

KRPR 89.9 has received new funding that allows us to produce and share the R-Town Radio podcasts. The 2-minute R-Town Radio segments are featured on this page. There are 48 total programs featuring, people, events, and activities of Rochester, MN.
KRPR receives funding from Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (also known as the Legacy Fund). Below you will find a description of the projects that KRPR is producing in Fiscal Year 2019 with the Arts and Cultural Heritage Funding:
KRPR digital archive, website & social media: to comply with Minnesota Statute 129d.19 Ampers must archive all Arts & Cultural Heritage programming produced by Ampers and its member stations, continue to maintain an infrastructure to make the programs available to all non-commercial radio stations eligible for state grants, and make these programs available online for all Minnesotans now and in the future. Because of changing technology, the infrastructure we have been using will no longer be available to us after 12/31/15 so we have to find or create a new system to distribute and archive this content.
To learn more about KRPR’s Arts & Cultural Heritage programs, contact Todd Brakke, Program Director, at